Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

May 05/20/19

Last month, we sent out a resident poll asking Eastonites to identify their favorite taco and coffee joints in Austin. 41 of you replied, and the results are in.

The Taco the Town

Torchy’s led the taco pack, followed by Tacodeli and Veracruz All-Natural. Write-in favorites included Vegan Nom, Austin Java, and Lazarus Brewing.

EP Staff Says:

“At Torchy’s, I always get a cheesy smile with the queso! It is delicious & the tacos, too! And let’s not forget their margaritas, simply amazing!” Diane Rivera, Brookfield Residential Texas

“Nothing beats Tacodeli’s potato, egg, and cheese breakfast tacos because they use mashed potatoes. And their vegan chorizo is the bomb!” Maggie Stephens, Agency Writer

“If you try Torchy’s Mad Cow taco on their secret menu, you’ll never go back! Pair that with their queso, delish!” Nicole Binnicker, Agency Account Director

“For my money, Veracruz All-Natural has the best breakfast tacos in Austin. The migas poblanas is to die for!” Taylor Johnston, Digital Marketing Lead


Coffee Talk

When it comes to coffee, Austin Java barely beat out Radio as Easton Park’s favorite. It’s worth noting that Cosmic Coffee  got a whopping 6 votes but ended up in the Other category because of spelling variations in the name. (Hmm…interesting to note that many of the top spots also sell beer…) Other write-in favorites included Café Nenai, Texas Coffee Traders, Spokesman and Picnik.

EP Staff Says:

“The White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Latte at Austin Java is the best way to start any day! Don’t forget to add the Californian omelet on the side.” Collette Cosby, Lifestyle Director

“Bluegrass night at Radio is one of my favorite nights in Austin! I can get coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy some good music. It doesn’t hurt I can also grab a taco at the food truck, too!” Paige Kamel, Marketing Manager

Summermoon is my favorite coffee shop in Austin! Their coffee is warm and it goes well with their smooth moon creamer. And their chocolate croissant is the best! Yum!” Diane Rivera, Brookfield Residential Texas

“The Moon Raker at Summermoon is my go-to coffee for days when I need a little pep in my step.” Paul Cardenas, Communications & Lifestyle Coordinator