Snow Much Fun!

Jan 01/11/21

On Sunday, January 10, temperatures dropped into the 30s and Eastonites enjoyed several inches of real snow! By mid-afternoon, the neighborhood was blanketed with the white stuff, and residents enjoyed building snowmen, sledding down the big hill in Knob Hill, and having snowball fights.

According to the Austin-American Statesman and the National Weather Service, the average January snowfall is 0.4 inches, and the most snow Austin has seen was 11 inches back on Nov. 22-23 in 1937. While this much snowfall is pretty unusual for Austin, this actually wasn’t Easton Park’s first snow—the last time the city received more than an inch of snow was on December 7-8, 2017, when 1.3 inches of snow was recorded at Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s big event!

Raquel and TJ Chandler got some amazing drone pictures of the neighborhood covered in snow.

And their sweet new addition, Clayton Audrey, seems to be snoozing through her first snow experience.


Norah Clay enjoyed the igloo someone built by the Trolley. Thanks, neighbors!

Chris, Will, and Baby Finley made a snazzy snowman and did some sledding! Looks a little cold for a dip in the pool! Also, extra props to Finley for sporting his Easton Park gear!

The Dreher family and their dog, Biggie, loved catching snowflakes!


The Portillo’s enjoyed building snowmen and playing together as a family at Knob Hill!


Ready to come make snow angels with us at Easton Park? Check out our builders!

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