Easton Park Nurtures the Neighborhood

Thursday April 22 12:00 AM—11:59 PM Around the Neighborhood
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Celebrate Earth Day with us as we nourish our neighborhood by spreading Native Texas Plant seeds along the trails and retention pods that are around the community.

This initiative will help keep the pollinators around the community safe and healthy!

You can stop by The Union to pick up your seeds and head out on your Earth Day adventure!

The Community Life Team will be tagging along and spreading seeds around the trail from 6:00p – 7:00p – Meet us at The Union!

Pollinators (bees and butterflies) around the world are facing dramatic population declines from issues such as climate change and habitat destruction. The creation of pollinator-friendly grounds is a way to help reduce some of the strain that pollinator populations face within the community. Implementing these areas around the neighborhood, no matter how small in size, is a way to both enhance the beauty of the community around us and also assist native pollinators by providing them with access to food and a safe area to reside..