Easton Park . Mar 10, 2022

55+ Reasons to Love Easton Park

Easton Park is full of young couples and families with kids, but that’s only part of the story – our vibrant and active community is a welcoming home for folks in all phases of life. The 55+ Eastonites group is just getting off the ground. It will be a great place to meet up with some more seasoned Eastonites. We sat down with Blair, Kevin, and Kathy to find out why they love Easton Park.

Blair & Fred

Blair and Fred moved into Skyline Park in April of 2021 with their Australian Shepherd, Ollie. The couple came from Dallas to be closer to their grandkids in Austin, and they wanted a new house that didn’t need a lot of upkeep. While hiking in McKinney Falls, they saw a sign for Easton Park and came to look at the model homes. Soon, they were building with Pacesetter. “Easton Park is so much more affordable than the rest of Austin,” Blair says. “We loved the amenities and the community.”

Because they moved in during the pandemic, Blair and Fred are still getting to know their neighbors. Blair has met some folks while walking Ollie and while volunteering at a neighborhood project for Community First. Blair currently works part-time as a dyslexia therapist at a nearby neighborhood schools, but as she and Fred get closer to retirement, they look forward to having more free time for fun stuff. “It’s an amazing community, and I’m so glad we’re going to start things for people who are 55 plus,” Blair says.


Kathy and her husband actually bought their home at Easton Park over the internet. The couple moved to Austin in 2020 from Kansas to be closer to their daughter. “I knew I wanted a planned community where we could get to know the neighbors,” Kathy says. “When we bought our lot, the streets in Skyline Park weren’t even in yet!” The couple rented a house in Knob Hill while their home was being built by Taylor Morrison, and came over every day to watch the progress.

Now that they’re settled in, Kathy knows the names of all the dogs in the neighborhood, and lots of the people’s names, too. “There are a lot of folks who would be interested in a 55+ group,” she says. “So far, the only way I’ve met people is walking dogs and at the pool. And at the Dog Park.”

Kathy is an ex-master gardener, and her husband is a retired beekeeper. Kathy is a member of the Eastonite Gardeners group, and dreams of having bees again. When the couple sold their 16 hives in Kansas, they harvested 200 pounds of honey! “It would be great to put in a couple of hives around Easton, or areas to attract Monarch butterflies,” Kathy says. “We could teach adults and kids. The more the HOA can think of ways to bring people together, the more people will want to be here.”


When Dan moved in with his son, Kevin in Easton Park, the Pennsylvania native had never lived in Texas. It was the middle of the pandemic, so making friends in his new city got put on hold. When things started getting back to normal this spring, Kevin looked for an Easton 55+ group for his dad, and when he didn’t find one, he decided to start one. “My dad is a really social person, and he just hasn’t had the opportunity to meet people and forge connections,” Kevin says.

Kevin’s posts about forming a group got an enthusiastic response, and the first meeting of the 55+ Eastonites group is in the works! All Easton Park residents aged 55 and better will be welcome to come get to know each other. Look for more meetings and activities in the future!

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