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Knob Hill

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Named for San Francisco’s hilltop neighborhood, Knob Hill is tucked along the north side of William Cannon. This was our second neighborhood section to open here at Easton Park, and the residents are known for their enthusiasm and vibrant community spirit. Don’t miss the views from the park!

Knob Hill Park

Knob Hill Park is popular with kids and adults alike for its great views and the Easton Park Trolley, a reclaimed Austin Dillo that we’ve decked out to be a play structure complete with bell and a steering wheel. You’ll find winding paths, swings, and a great hill for sledding!

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Golden Hour

Insider tip: Easton Park residents know that the best place to watch the sunset with friends is from the top of Knob Hill! The short climb is totally worth it – you can see for miles!


“If you are looking for a place that feels like Austin and feels like home, Easton is literally the best of both words.”

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Knob Hill by the numbers:


Vintage trolley


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