Bryant Park

Park Amenities

Corn hole
Experience Park
Game court
Giant chess
Great lawn
Grill Stations
Hammock garden
Ladder golf
Trike Track

The founding neighborhood of our community has a fresh perspective on the great outdoors. Bryant Park is three acres of fun and activity. It represents the Easton Park experience and is a pivotal landmark of lifestyle, premiering with a hammock garden, life-size chess and Jenga, Ping-Pong and gaming tables, food trucks, an open green lawn for festivals and markets, and much more. With wide open spaces to play and unique activities, you won’t find anywhere else in Austin. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Knob Hill

Park Amenities

Lookout point

Knob Hill Park is a place to lift your spirits and expand your imagination. Named in homage of the extinct volcano, Pilot’s Knob, Knob Hill is an East Austin landmark with a natural, organic and tranquil design. The park will feature creed-side trails with expanded callisthenic stations, a dog park and picnic areas. Easton Park is connected with trails and open space, and Knob Hill is a perfect example of how getting there is half the fun.

Union Park

Park Amenities

Amenity Center

The signature of Easton Park, a central gathering place to lose the weight of the world or just relax and watch it go by. Union Park is the core of our community, with an urban design and a festive vibe. Residents and guests can experience the best of community and embrace the power of the park! Union Park will be bustling with the best of Austin as we unveil a bike barn, outdoor amphitheater, yoga studio, welcome center, community garden, and more!

Skyline Park

Park Amenities

Coming after Union Park

A Skyline is the signature of every urban core – and Skyline Park’s is rich, bridging its history and aspirations. A hidden gem with some of the best views in Central Texas, Skyline Park sits atop an extinct volcano almost 600 feet above sea level. A vantage point like no other, Skyline Park will allow residents to gaze over the treetops onto lush beautiful parks in the Easton Park community. It’s also one of the best kept secrets of viewing the Austin skyline.

Mirabell Park

Park Amenities

Coming after Skyline Park & Union Park

Mirabell Park Description