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Easton Park Entrepreneurs!

We’ve been having so much fun profiling Easton Park professionals! Hopefully you’ve seen our articles about Easton Park Makers and Chefs. For this edition, we sought out talented entrepreneurs, and found two amazing business owners who make their homes here at Easton Park.

Gisele Rios of The Style Maison, Union Park West resident since 2020

If you’ve seen the beautiful accent wall trims in the new Brookfield Urban Courtyard model homes in Kieke Park, you’ve experienced the work of Gisele Rios, Easton Park resident and Army veteran turned interior designer and contractor. Gisele started her design company, The Style Maison, several years ago, helping home and business owners transform their interiors. In addition to providing geometric accent wall molding, shiplap accents, and wallpaper installation, her company can provide more wholistic design recommendations with full 3D-design with renderings and product selections. “A lot of times, people will know what they’re looking for,” Gisele says. “If they’re open to suggestions or they want a whole room done, that’s when we do mood boards and 3D-design.”

Gisele and her boyfriend, Jesus, moved into Union Park West in April with their two dogs, Abby and Nahla. Jesus has a day job as a systems engineer, but he helps Gisele with installs and keeps the business finances organized. The couple has loved being part of the Easton Park community, in spite of the limitations of the pandemic. “The price was right for our budget, but the biggest thing that sold us was the community, Gisele says. “I love the community feeling. We hang out with all the neighbors, and we have a little green space. We sit in a socially distanced circle and have drinks. And with the trails, there’s so much to do. Even with the pandemic, they make it so fun to be in the community. I love the book thing, where people share books, and the dance parties. I love all the creativity that’s in the community!”

The neighborhood has also been a great place to make connections for her business. “It’s all about the relationships you build with people, Gisele says. “We have clients all over Austin, but we love getting to do the models and design projects for folks right here in Easton. If anyone needs help, we can do a consultation and a quote. And if a full install doesn’t fit someone’s budget, we’re also doing classes for people who want to DIY.”

Gisele and her team also recently started an Austin chapter of the nonprofit organization Room Redux, which renovates rooms for children who are victims of physical and sexual abuse. “We have transformed a few rooms in New Braunfels,” Gisele says, “And because December is a time for giving, I would love if you could share the donate page for Austin on the blog!”

When we asked Gisele what her favorite projects are, she had a hard time choosing. “I love all of them,” she says. “Just to start with a blank space, and then to see the transformation. We do a lot of nurseries, and I guess those are my favorite.” For Gisele, the joy of her job is seeing her customers’ happy reactions when a project is complete. “Their reactions are so endearing,” she says. “It’s not always about the money, it’s about seeing people so fulfilled!”

Christine Goodrich of KonaMade, Skyline Park resident since 2020

About a year and a half ago, Christine Goodrich was going through two big transitions – she and her husband Matt (and Golden Retriever Lucy) were choosing their new home in Easton Park’s Skyline neighborhood, and Christine had deciding to leave her graphic design job to start her own small branding and design agency, KonaMade. “It really was very much a challenge, because I had just started KonaMade when we were getting our loan,” Christine says. “It put a fire under my butt as a business owner, because to take on a mortgage, I knew I needed to grow this business to thrive and be profitable!”

Designer and Easton Park resident sits by her laptop and takes notes while smiling in the camera

Fast forward to today, and both the home and business are doing great. KonaMade has many small business clients, including several consumer packaged goods and real estate brands as well as service-based brands such as medspas. “We understand the building blocks of being a small business because we are a small business,” Christine says. “We like to root for the little guy.”

For each client, Christine and her team create stunning visual identity work that reflects the client’s unique values and story. “We’re a small creative agency specializing in branding development,” Christine says. “So if a company is starting a new business and they need a logo and look and feel for their brand, we can help. If someone needs a website refresh or new website, we specialize in that as well.”

Christine works out of her home, so Easton Park is KonaMade HQ. “I love this neighborhood so much,” Christine says. “If I need to take a break, it’s a joy to walk around – it’s a great place to be. The homes are all so unique and beautiful! I hope everyone loves theirs as much as we do. I feel more motivated being here. It’s a great place to have your Zoom meetings.”

Christine’s husband Matt was the one who first found Easton Park when he was coming home from a golf game at the nearby Roy Kizer Golf Course. Christine says, “He was over in the area, and he said, ‘There’s an awesome neighborhood 10 minutes from the course!’ When we were looking for homes, he would always joke that we had to be near the golf course.’”

When the couple came back for a tour, they were excited about The Union, Easton Park’s resort-style community center, as well as the proximity to downtown and the airport. “Before we moved in, we came to food truck nights and festivals,” Christine says. “It’s just a beautiful development, and they’re really building up this area. We’re seeing lots of exciting things to come!”

Special thanks to Easton Park resident and realtor Araceli Frazier who helped put us in touch with our entrepreneurs!

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