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Your Favorite Austin Vets

At Easton Park, it’s safe to say we’re more than a little dog (and cat) crazy. With so many four-legged residents in the neighborhood, we thought we’d ask everyone who their favorite Austin vets are. We put out the call on social media, and here are some of the amazing Austin veterinarians you guys told us about.

PAZ Veterinary

Eastonites seem to be crazy for PAZ—at press time, it had received seven recommendations, the most of any clinic! With three locations and Saturday hours, PAZ is a full-service animal hospital that offers integrative treatment in both western and eastern philosophies. That means your furry friends can get vaccines, tests, and check-ups as well as herbal medicine, acupuncture, and food therapy.

“Dr. Adam Lassin at Paz on S 1st is amazing!!” Cherie Melton Smith

“PAZ (any of them) but we love the East location!” Raquel Chandler

Austin Urban Vet Center

Austin Urban Vet Center was another spot that received multiple recommendations. As a Pet Resort (ooh la la) and full-service veterinary clinic, they provide traditional veterinary services as well as acupuncture and allergy care. Another big plus—Austin Urban Vet also offers playcare during the week and boarding. And how cute are the staff bios that show the employees with their pets?!

“See Dr. Helen Rudnick for both dogs and cats! She’s great!” am.lane

Brodie Animal Hospital

When it comes to locations close to Easton Park, Brodie Animal Hospital can’t be beat. Tucked at the corner of Brodie and William Cannon, this South Austin clinic continues to win local accolades, including Best Veterinarian from the Austin Chronicle. They offer wellness care, surgery, dentistry and diagnostics and hold accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

“Brodie Animal Hospital, consistently rated top in Austin!” Hannah Thomas

Sunbury Veterinary Clinic

So, Sunbury isn’t exactly close to Easton Park, but we felt like it was worth including since Chris Duke said they were especially good with bulldogs. The practice has several doctors, but Dr. Sunbury himself is known for his extensive knowledge and experience with the particular needs of both English and French bullies. Also, the clinic has late hours (until 8pm) on Thursdays, and Saturday hours, which is always helpful if your puppy eats a sock at a weird time.

“Sunbury off Parmer, especially for bulldogs.” Chris Duke

Allandale Veterinary Clinic

When Shamrah mentioned that Dr. Mohammed was good with her anxious dog, we knew we had to include Allandale Veterinary Clinic on this list. With four vets on staff, this clinic on Burnet Road in central Austin provides full service care including diagnostics, allergy care, and surgery and dentistry care.

“Special shout out to Dr. Mohammed. She is amazing with our anxious rescue dog. Love her.” Shamrah Frazier

Bluebonnet Animal Hospital

With clinic locations on both Riverside and South Lamar, this local animal hospital has great proximity to Easton Park. They offer typical services including well checks, dentistry, microchipping and behavioral counseling as well as boarding services. And Jenna Paige Griffis gave a special shout out to Dr. Deka.

South Austin Cat Hospital

Meow here’s one just for the kitties! Nicely512 recommended Austin Cat Hospital for all those who are feline like they want a cats-only vet experience. As well as wellness care, vaccines, and dentistry, this practice also offers cat behavior counseling and something called Kitten Kindergarten to help tiny cats learn commands like sit, stay, and come and teach owners positive reinforcement training techniques.

“They’re all top notch.” Nicely512

Central Texas Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital

For critical situations and emergency needs, this specialty and emergency hospital has the skills and equipment to diagnose the problem and treat your pet quickly. With 5 surgery suites and a full-service rehabilitation center, Central Texas Veterinary is more than your average animal clinic.

“We visit with Dr. Stephen Kerpsack. He’s been in the business for 30 + years. I love that he is very straight forward and takes the time to make sure you fully understand everything. My shih-tzu has several issues so we visit every 3 months for follow ups. 😁🐶❤️” Melanie Amaya


It was RUFF to include all of the awesome recommendations (see what we did there?), so be sure to check Facebook and Instagram to see more—or to tell us about your favorite vet!

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