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Whenever we do resident surveys, one of the top amenities is always the great community at Easton Park. We love our neighbors! For our latest television spot, we wanted to highlight some of the folks we’ve featured in recent blog posts, from teachers and healthcare workers to musicians, entrepreneurs, and chefs.

Big thanks to all the residents who participated! We had a great time putting the commercial together and reconnecting with some of the Easton Park residents who we’ve interviewed over the past year. Our director, Taylor Stanley from Forest and Pine, said it best when he told us, “Filming with real Easton Park residents was the highlight of the shoot for us. Every single person we filmed was incredibly kind and accommodating.”

Go Behind the Scenes

Brandy Hughes was our first star of the day. Since we profiled her for our Easton Park Makers blog back in September, her custom design and alterations business Brandy Design Studio has grown. In February, she moved out of her home studio and into a larger studio space on St. Elmo Road. It was so exciting to see the racks of gorgeous wedding dresses in various states of construction. This was not Brandy’s first time in the spotlight—she modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch when she was in school!

Next the team went to get footage of Easton Park resident and teacher Tania Tasneem. Even though it was the day after her birthday and she was just back from a trip to Terlingua, Tania met up with us at Kealing Middle School where she teaches 8th grade science. It was her first commercial shoot, but she was a real pro!

Right around lunch time, we headed to the Heritage model home in Kieke Park to film chef Joseph Holloway, founder and chef at Thicc Pizza. Joseph was excited to be part of the commercial, telling us “Being part of this neighborhood is awesome! It feels so surreal that I get to call this place home.”

Our director, Taylor, ordered a Morning Glory and a 1983 for pickup at the end of the day, and he was blown away. “Our favorite part of the day was getting to try Joseph’s pizza,” Taylor said. “The pizza was incredible—like, mind boggling. I can’t even understand the texture of the crust. I’ve been texting him since then to try to figure out how to make it at home. Let’s just say I’m not quite ready to open my own restaurant, and I’ll still be ordering from Thicc Pizza.”

After filming Joseph, we went to musician Aubree Alcantero’s house. You might remember Aubree as one of the winners of our Easton’s Got Talent contest for her mad drumming skills. Although she’s only 9 years old, Aubree is already in a band called The Dead Crickets, and she recently won a prize in her school’s talent show! We can’t wait to see what she does next.

While we were at Aubree’s, it started pouring rain, but luckily, we were still able to film Megan Cook, one of our Easton Park Healthcare Heroes, on her front porch! You might remember that Megan works in the NICU, and she has understandably been very busy lately, so we were glad to be able to catch up with her! In addition to taking care of people, Megan also takes great care of plants–she has a very green thumb lovely plants on her porch that you can see in the commercial.

Finally, we went over to see Gisele Rios of The Style Maison in her lovely home. Gisele and her partner are extremely talented, and their own home is their ultimate showplace for their design and interior work. Our director Taylor audibly gasped when he saw their living room since it hardly needed any studio lights.

Speaking of Taylor, the day after the shoot, Taylor and his wife came back to Easton Park and got on the waiting list for a new home! “My wife and I have been looking to move South, and we actually got on the wait list for a home the day after the shoot,” Taylor said. “I’m excited to potentially join this incredible community!”

Aww, Taylor, we can’t wait to welcome you and your family! And the best part is, you’ll already know a lot of your new neighbors. If you want to join us here at Easton Park, come by to see the model homes anytime or check out the homes online.

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