Easton Park . Dec 14, 2020

Kieke Park Is Under Way!

We’re excited to announce that we broke ground at Kieke Park, the newest park inside Easton Park. Named for the Kieke family that owned much of the original land where Easton Park now sits, the 8-acre neighborhood will be located along the west side of Ausblick Avenue, with a park, community pavilion, and more!

Lawrence and Gertrude Kieke married in 1917, and built a small frame house on their original plot of 40.5 acres. With the help of their five children—Lucille, Florene, Lois, Raymond, and Morris—the Kiekes enlarged their land holdings and ran a family cotton farm.

The neighborhood will feature three parks: a pocket park, Kieke Park, and Flo McKenzie Green. The pocket park, located at the southeast corner of Corrigan Pass and Chrysler Bend, will have trees and some charming play structures, including a climbing fort with a rope ladder and slide, as well as two large suspended nest swings. Flo McKenzie Green, named for the Kieke’s daughter Florene, will run along the south side of Ausblick Avenue, offering trails and green spaces ideal for soccer games, playing catch, and games of fetch. Kieke Park, the largest of the three parks, will be tucked between Skyline Park and Kieke park on the north side of Ausblick Avenue. This showplace park will feature a community pavilion and concrete pathway with seats commemorating members of the Kieke family, as well as a large playground with playcubes, a climbing wall, swings, and a rope structure.

Kieke Park Is Under Way

Kieke Park Is Under Way

Look for more tributes to the Kieke family to be included throughout the section’s parks, signage, and special touches. We estimate the park will be completed in early 2021. Stay tuned for more information.

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