Easton Park . Feb 11, 2019

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

Hey last-minute lovers! With Valentine’s Day coming up on Thursday, you might think you’ve blown your chance to plan a big surprise for your special someone. NOT SO. While it’s true you probably can’t get a dinner reservation before 10 pm, there are lots of other creative ways to celebrate your sweetie—or hang out with friends—without getting too far from Easton Park.

Spell Your Love with Alphabet Donuts from Master Donuts

With help from your friends at Master Donuts, you can literally spell out I LOVE YOU in donuts. If that’s not enough to woo your beloved, you might need to find someone new. Next-day orders aren’t accepted after 2 p.m., so you might want to call and place your order ASAP.

Say it with Banjo at Grassy Thursday at St. Elmo Brewing

This weekly pickin’ party in the biergarten is the perfect way to go out without fighting the crowds. For Valentine’s Day, we recommend ordering the Ned, a Flanders Style Sour Red, paired with the Hot Gai—a Thai fried chicken sandwich—from Soursop, the on-site food truck serving Pan-Asian fair.

Explore The Science of Sex at the Thinkery

No kids are allowed at this 21+ event that explores the ins and outs of attraction, sex and reproduction. From aromatic plants that arouse the senses to anatomical origami and sexpertise trivia, this experience invites guests to eat, drink and mingle!

Two Step with Dale Watson & His Lone Stars at Gruene Hall

So, this isn’t RIGHT by Easton Park, but at least it avoids the downtown crush—and we guarantee a Dale Watson performance is a primo way to show your love, Texas style. As we go to press, tickets are still available for this true honky-tonk experience at one of Texas’ best dancehalls.

Show Your Smarts with Geeks Who Drink at Independence Brewing Co.

Nothing says I love you like answering random trivia questions with a bunch of strangers. Get competitive or just enjoy the beer and people watching. Crossroads Farm to Truck will be there serving up burgers and curried delights.

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