Easton Park . Jul 29, 2020

Meet Fujio and Indiia

When actor/director Indiia Wilmott and her husband, Fujio Turner, moved to Austin from the Bay Area, they were looking for a welcoming community that felt like home. Lucky for us, they found it here at Easton Park. We were happy to talk with Indiia recently about becoming a part of Easton, meeting their neighbors, and planning for that future corgi.

EP: Okay, I have to start by saying how much I loved your Porch Portrait! That yellow dress with the blue door! It was gorgeous!

IW: Oh thanks! I love yellow, and when I saw that dress, I was like, I have to have it!

EP: It looked amazing! So tell me, when was your house done, and what section are you in?

IW: Our house was finished in September, and it’s in Skyline.

EP: Where did you all live before?

IW: We moved to Austin three years ago from the Bay Area, and we lived in townhouse near downtown for two and a half years.

EP: Oh wow! Did you grow up in the Bay Area?

IW: I grew up in Virginia, near Charlottesville, in a town called Waynesboro. My husband works in tech; he travels a lot, but his home base is in Santa Clara. So a few years ago, we were able to move out of California to a more central location where we could actually have a house. If we had moved to the Bay Area two decades ago, it would be different, but we moved there in 2014. It’s like a million dollars for a one bedroom there!

EP: That’s crazy! Do you work in tech, too?

IW: No, I’m an actor and director. I work out of town a lot, but when I’m here in Austin, I do more directing. Since the quarantine, I’ve been able to do some Zoom activities. I recently did a story time for kids—we read Giraffes Can’t Dance and Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth, and some Shel Silverstein. When everything is back open, I offered to teach a theater class for kids at the Union—we could do some theater games, get kids silly and comfortable moving around.

EP: That would be so fun! People would love that!

IW: The beauty of our neighborhood is the people. There are so many great people here that I’ve met so far. There are all different kinds of families—that’s important for people to know. There’s not one type of people who live in these homes. Maybe the grandma lives there, or it’s a same–sex couple. There are all these beautiful types of families here, and that’s something I appreciate and love—that’s a beautiful thing to see.

EP: Have you gotten to meet a lot of your neighbors?

IW: We didn’t know anyone at first—it was like we moved in, and then the holidays happened, and we didn’t get a chance to meet neighbors before this lockdown happened. I joined the Facebook page, and it’s so lovely on there. In the beginning of the lockdown, I couldn’t find flour because it was sold out, and someone was driving flour and potatoes and onions to people and dropping them off! Someone else was offering to do grocery shopping for people who couldn’t go, like if they were older or immunocompromised. It’s a good place to live. Although we’re all ready to get out of our houses and see each other face to face!

EP: What do you love about Easton?

IW: For us it started with process in the beginning—Perry Homes was our builder, and they were lovely. The customer service was so nice, every step of the process was great. Now that we’re here, I love how they put the neighborhood together. It doesn’t feel cramped—it’s really beautiful. In this part of Skyline, you have your own space. Sometimes in these neighborhoods, they pack them in and there are tons of houses, but it doesn’t feel cramped here. It’s so nice.

Also, it’s the little touches. Where we live, if you walk a little ways down, there’s a pathway that takes you to a street bench, and the mailboxes have a sitting area. It’s like they thought about it—here’s where the mailboxes are, and you might need a place to sit and relax. When I take a walk, I like to sit there and have the sun on my face.

EP: I love that! Have you gotten to use The Union?

IW: A little bit. I was going to the gym when I was in town, and then the lockdown happened! The gym is nice; the pool area is beautiful. And I love that the HOA is there. I have lived in a lot of apartments and townhomes, and I never saw any of those people. Now, I can walk over and ask a question. That’s a luxury. Colette is amazing— there are tons of people here, and she really tries to get to know who you are, and I appreciate that.

EP: Do y’all have any pets?

IW: We don’t. We want a dog, but we have not agreed on the kind of dog. If anyone has a corgi, please bring it to my house. That’s my favorite dog. There definitely will be a dog here!

EP: What do you guys do for fun? Should we put something about that?

IW: For my husband’s fun time, he’s been quite obsessed with the lawn, and it looks good! I have recently started getting into plants. I love dancing. Since we’ve been locked down, I dance in my living room every day. I also really like indoor cycling. I just got a home spin bike so I can spin here. I love spinning. Other than that, online shopping?!

EP: What would you say to someone who was thinking about moving here?

IW: I would say, get over there and snatch up that lot! It is a great neighborhood and it’s only going to get better. This area is going to continue to grow.

I would say also, I would want you to know we’ve appreciated to how we’ve been welcomed by people who have lived here for years. We look forward to being a part of the community and doing more things together. We really want to be a part of what happens here and making this a beautiful place to live!

Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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