Easton Park . Sep 29, 2020

Makers Make the Best Neighbors!

Meet The Makers

Easton Park is known for stylish homes and active resident community, so it makes sense that it would attract some of Austin’s many creative entrepreneurs. We sat down with a few of them to find out what they love making in their homes at Easton Park.

Brandy Design Studio


Brandy Hughes, Union Park resident since 2020

After high school, the native Austinite moved to New York to attend The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) and then worked in Los Angeles for two years before coming back home to work for a private bridal line. While she enjoyed building her skills and experience, Brandy knew in her heart she wanted to open her own bridal design business.

“As I’ve gotten older, I wanted to do my old thing on my own time. The only way I could do that was to move into a house where I could have a studio. We were one of the first to put down our deposit when Union Park opened, and it was all so I could use the extra space for my business.”

Now, Brandy runs Brandy Design Studio from her home in the Union Park section of Easton Park. She works with brides to create custom looks—everything from altering existing wedding dresses to creating highly original one-of-a-kind gowns. She’s currently creating a black wedding dress.

When she’s not designing and sewing, Brandy loves being outdoors. “Being able to walk out my front door and walk miles of trails is a huge bonus for me,” she says. “It’s a lot more than just a neighborhood. I feel very lucky we found this place when we did.”

Brummel & Bivvy



Stacey and Sean Matthew L., Bryant Park residents since 2017

On one of their very first dates, DIY-ers Stacey and Sean Matthew made hand-poured candles. As their romance blossomed, so did their creativity with soy wax, wood wicks, and scents. Soon, friends were demanding their samples, and in 2015, their business was born. “All our candles are outdoor, experience fragrances,” Sean Matthew says. “We wanted to make unique, layered ‘smellscapes’ that tell a story, where you can picture being in the location when you smell the candle.”

During their courtship, the couple would frequently bring their dogs to walk around Easton Park. “We would drive here after dinner and go park off one of the side streets while the houses were being built,” Stacey tells us. “We probably did it several times a week for months and months.” They married in October of 2017, and in December, Stacey and Sean Matthew bought their first home in the Bryant Park section of Easton Park.

The strong sense of community spirit was one of the things that drew them to the neighborhood. “I think people here are pretty open and welcoming; they support each other,” Stacey says. “There are foodies and chefs that do supper clubs and potlucks; the creativity is here, and it manifests in different ways for different people.”

As they’ve settled into their new home, their business has also grown. “It’s a really cool side hustle,” Sean Matthew says. “We’ve had people cry when they open a candle. Smells can trigger a place that triggers memories. They’ll say, ‘This is home. I never want to not have this in my house.’”

DIY Easton Made

We’re bummed that city event limitations have put the brakes on our annual Easton Made event this year! So in true do-it-yourself spirit, we encourage you to check out all of these Easton Makers and support their small businesses:

Marie Atlas Fine Jewelry

Start to finish, hand-crafted by Rachel DesPlaines!



Savanna Sanford

Handmade creations for use in your everyday life.



Blissful Blooms
Kaleigh Ford

Wood flowers that last forever!


Desk Plants

Hard-to-Kill Potted Plants because you deserve a better workspace.



Thread and Stone
Stacey Fey

Handmade gemstone earrings and necklaces.


Special thanks to local realtor and Easton Park resident Araceli Frazier who helped us gather makers for our list!

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