Easton Park . Jun 1, 2022

Meet Xochitl Diaz!

Easton Park residents all know Xochitl Diaz, if not from her weekly HOA newsletters than from seeing her smiling face around The Union. As Communications Coordinator for our HOA, Xochitl (pronounced So-chee or So-cheel) is on top of everything that happens here at Easton Park, and she keeps us all on the same track when it comes to important community issues. We sat down with her recently to find out how she came to Easton, what she loves about her job, and what exciting events are in the works.

EP: Thanks for doing this! Let’s start at the beginning. Where are you from?

XD: I grew up on the other side of the state in El Paso!

EP: Oh, I love El Paso! What’s your favorite place to eat there?!

XD: All the food there is delicious! That’s the number one thing I miss about El Paso. If I had to pick a favorite restaurant, I’d probably say L and J! It’s traditional Mexican food, and I eat there with my family every Sunday when I’m home. They have the best green chicken enchiladas.

EP: So how did you go from El Paso to Easton Park?

XD: I was actually one of the Covid graduates; I graduated from UT in 2020 with a degree in public relations. My background was largely in events and music marketing; I had worked at SXSW and then spent two years at an artist management company. Then I was fortunate enough to get a job here at Easton Park. I started as a Community Engagement Coordinator, doing events and flyers, and now I’m the Communications Coordinator, and my focus is communications and marketing for our team.

EP: What’s your favorite part of your job?

XD: Definitely the people! I would be nowhere without our team and the residents. We have so many funny and unique residents – they come into Union and they’re always smiling. I love seeing all of the cute families at the events, and it’s so fun to see the kids growing up and making friends in the community. That’s what we’re doing is creating community and long-lasting relationships. It pays off!

EP: How has Easton changed since you first started?

XD: Oh gosh! When I started, Union Park East wasn’t there; Skyline just starting and now it’s built out! We have Kieke and Discovery! The neighborhood has grown a lot development-wise, and we’ve do research as it grows to make sure our events and activities fit the changing demographics. When I started, there were a lot of young couples who were planning to have kids, and now they’ve had them! So we have more family-friendly events. But also more events for singles and seniors! We’ve seen a lot of more engagement as we grow, and that’s exciting. And not only is the community is growing, but our team is growing, too. I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here.

EP: How was the Valentine’s Day Singles Mingle?! Were there any love connections?

XD: We’ll have to see! It definitely seemed like there were some sparks flying. And we are already planning to do it again next year! We also just had a 90s pool party that was a big hit. We had more than 300s RSVPs, and people came out in their 90s style. We had all the 90s games, 90s snacks, 90s music, and lots of people dancing in the pool and on the patio. We had great feedback from that event.

EP: How cool! What events are coming up?

XD: We have a lot of events coming up in June. On June 3 we have our next Music in the Park show with the band Swimming with Bears; they’re an indie/funk group who has been here before, and we’re excited to have them out again. There’s a Fathers’ Day event with BBQ and brews – we’ll have Rudy’s barbeque catered, plus beer and outdoor activities for dads and families. We’ve also got a farmers’ market coming up on June 29, with 30 local vendors at The Union selling food and crafts. Residents have been asking for it.

EP: Anything else about you we should ask? Do you have any pets?

XD: I do! I have a kitten, Tsuki, who I just got from Austin Pets Alive! His name means moon in Japanese!

Awww, thanks for taking the time for the interview, Xochitl, and thank you for all you do to make life amazing her at Easton Park. We’re so happy to have you on our HOA team! If you want to come to our cool residents-only events and meet Xochitl, find your dream home now.

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