Easton Park . May 19, 2020

Resident Porch Portraits

A couple of weeks ago, our favorite photographer, Tyler of The Mill Photography Studio, came by with his fancy zoom lens to take porch portraits and find out why our residents love Easton Park! From a safe distance, Tyler helped us commemorate these crazy times with some short photo sessions with our residents.

Best of all, as part of the nationwide #FrontStepsProject, Brookfield Residential donated $10 from every session to All Together ATX, a community-led philanthropic fund providing flexible resources to nonprofit organizations helping those impacted by COVID-19. Here are a few of our favorite shots and our awesome residents’ thoughts on Easton Park.

Breahana & Joshua Pummill (with Hadley & Lilo)

“It was just the right time to buy, and the perfect house at the right time.”

Qainta Harris, Eric Whetsel, Zander Hamdan (with Sophia)

“We moved here in 2016, and we were excited to be able to get in on the beginning of a brand new community.”

Brooke & Fisher Reynolds (with June)

“Our realtor lives in Easton Park and encouraged us to take a look. I fell in love as soon as I drove into the neighborhood and our home absolutely sold me. I never dreamed I’d be able to have access to a gym or pool – that was the cherry on top!”

Vanessa, Brent & Brody Todd (with Minnie & Coco)

“The family room is where the majority of our time is spent.”

Kaeley, Josh & Charlotte Benson

“We have recruited several dear friends to also move to Easton Park, so backyard hangouts (and now socially distanced driveway hangouts) are a favorite.”

Brittany, Curtis & Norah Clay

“We love our living room. It’s where we relax and have fun with our toddler.”

Indiia Wilmott & Fujio Turner

“We chose Easton Park because of the location and because we wanted to build the house we’ve always wanted.”

Andy, Elissa, Hadley, Sloane & Jay Dumiak

“We’ve only been here for two weeks but really enjoy going out for walks after work as a family in the evenings. We’ve also enjoyed getting to know our neighbors—everyone has been so welcoming!”

Denise Duley & her mom Mary Lee (with Luke & Leia and Dede & Teddy)

“Lately I’ve been supporting my enterprising neighbors who have been preparing meals, baked goods, cloth masks, fresh salsa, etc.”

Elisabeth Boulard & Jason Schaper

“We like walking, hanging out with neighbors, and enjoying the pool side at the community center.”

Taylor Phillip & Nick Caminita

“The amenities are amazing, and we love having all these trails on our doorstep.”

Emily & Eleanor Smith

“Easton Park looked like a great place to raise a family!”

Matthew Dykes & Ryan Allen (with Mr. Ripley & Miss Lola)

We came here for a new adventure.”

Joy Hudnall & Simon Cortez (with Snoopy & Woodstock)

“We love our living room. The open windows bring enough light in to feel good, and the space is comfortable enough to always feel like home.”

Akhil Kamalakar (with Nala)

“We like to walk the trails.”

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