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Roll with the Mobile Library

In the olden days, mobile libraries used to be known as book mobiles, but now they carry much more than just books! Now called Mobi, the Del Valle Mobile Library has been making regular monthly visits to The Union at Easton Park since March. Inside the wide sliding doors of the brightly colored van decorated with birds and flowers, you’ll find shelves with books, DVDs, internet-enabled computers and printers, and more. As Easton Park resident (and former librarian herself!) Carrie-Anne Pace says, “I love that the mobile library is coming to Easton Park! They have a great selection of books, and Raquel is so outgoing and friendly.”

Bringing the library everywhere

The Del Valle Mobile Library is dedicated to bringing information, ideas, and people together, providing essential library services to residents wherever they might be. Each time the library comes, you can:

  • Check out materials from their diverse mobile library collection, including books and DVDs for everyone from kids to adults.
  • Reserve materials in advance and have them delivered by the mobile library, ensuring you get exactly what you need without any hassle.
  • Access Wi-Fi and printing services at a nominal fee of just 10¢ per side, making it convenient for you to stay connected and get your work done on the go.

We sat down with amazing librarian Raquel Reyna to find out more about how it all works.

M-04S - Food truck

EP When you come to Easton Park, how do you decide what to bring? 

RR: The first time I came, I bought the usual mix of fiction and non-fiction for all ages, infants to adults. On any given day, I have a balanced mix of genres and materials in both English and Spanish. After my first visit, I had a better idea of what to bring (such as adult fiction – especially newly published titles!). Several neighbors also took advantage of our online library catalog and placed a few books on reserve, and I was able to bring them over on my next visit so patrons could easily check them out. 

EP: Do you find that you have repeat visitors? 

RR: Yes, I definitely had many repeat visitors returning library items and checking out something new. Many visitors also come by to take advantage of our little mobile library extras such as our free tea and coffee packets as well as bubbles, coloring sheets, and stickers for the kids. 

EP: Do people have to have a library card to participate and check things out? 

RR: Anyone is welcome to come aboard the mobile library (even four-legged fur-babies) and take a look at our library materials and freebies. However, in order to check out books and DVDs, they would need a library card/account. If they don’t have one, they can easily apply for one on the spot, and it’s a quick one-page application so they can go home with the library card in-hand. This library card also gives them free access to our numerous electronic resources including the popular library app, Libby. Libby is filled with hundreds of ebooks, audiobooks, mangas, and magazines. 

Bookcase - Fiction

EP: I think the last thing I saw said the last visit was set for May, but are there more stops planned for throughout the summer? 

RR: We’re working in partnership with Easton Park’s community engagement team in order to determine how to continue to offer this resource to the neighborhood. My hope is to turn this route stop into a weekly visit this summer!

Awards ceremony - Ceremony

EP Is there anything else we should let people know?

RR: We also have a very popular Little Free Seed Library on the mobile library where visitors can browse through a binder filled with seed packets (vegetables, fruits and flowers). Anyone, regardless of library card status, can take packets of seeds. We also accept seed donations. Lastly, just like our two other locations, we also have easy access to free menstrual products on the mobile library. We have small boxes of individually wrapped pads and tampons. 

Check our Events Page to see upcoming dates when you can come meet Raquel in person, and don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to access equitable and inclusive library services right here in Easton Park. Like many of our events, this is open to everyone – you don’t have to be an Easton Park resident to get in on the fun. If you do want to come be a part of our amazing community, find your builder now.

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