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The Scoop on Austin’s Murals

Austin is known for its great murals, but have you ever wondered where they ARE, or who painted them in the first place? We’ve got the scoop on a few of our favorites:

Photo credit: Hailey B.

Hi, How Are You

Guadalupe St. & 21st St. (on Thai How Are You)

First created by Austin artist and musician Daniel Johnston in 1983 as an album cover, this might be the most famous of Austin’s murals. Featuring the bullfrog that Johnston named Jeremiah the Innocent, the mural was commissioned in 1993 when the building housed a record store called Sound Exchange. Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain helped make Jeremiah famous when he wore a t-shirt with the frog. In 2004, local protests saved the mural from demolition and cemented its place in Austin lore.

Photo credit: Julia Keller

I Love You So Much

South Congress & James (on Jo’s Coffee Stand)

First painted in 2010 as a love letter from Austin musician Amy Cook to her girlfriend (and Jo’s co-owner) Liz Lambert, this sweet mural has become a magnet for engagement photos, family pics, and anyone who wants a happy memory of Austin. Most days there’s a line of folks waiting to take a picture, but it moves quickly and, with coffee and love readily available, most everyone is in good spirits.

photo credit: Jin Chu

You’re My Butter Half
  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd & Alamo (on United Way of Central Texas building)

Created by the United Way of Central Texas and Creative Suitcase as a way to bring people together, this East Austin mural just got a snazzy deck in front so you won’t get muddy when you take your photos.

Photo credit: Isn’t That Charming

Greetings from Austin Mural

South 1st & Annie (or Roadhouse Relics)

Since 1998, this vintage-postcard mural has decorated the South Austin shop Roadhouse Relics, where artist Todd Sanders sells his amazing neon creations. If you go for a photo shoot, don’t miss the chance to go inside to see his cool signs!

 Photo Credit: Jacqui Oakley

Willie For President

South Congress Ave & Elizabeth Street (on Stag Provisions)

Painted by STAG with artists Jacqui Oakley, Erick Montes and Joe Swee for SXSW 2016, this mural on South Congress has our vote. Plus you can slip into Home Slice next door and get some of Austin’s best pizza.

Photo credit: The Austinot

‘Til Death Do Us Part
  1. 7th & Waller

The work of artist Federico Archuleta (aka Graffiti Western), there are several versions of this mural scattered around Austin. Archuleta uses hand-cut cardboard stencils and layers of brightly colored spray paint to create his beautiful street art, which has even been featured in the Lonely Planet Austin guide.

On your mark, get set, go take your own pics! Post on social and tag us in @eastonparkatx and we might just have a surprise in store for you!

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