Easton Park . Feb 27, 2020

The Tydlackas

Meet the Tydlackas

The Tydlackas enjoy the hammocks at Bryant Park!

When Kristine and Austin Tydlacka (say tid-loch-kuh, y’all) were first considering buying a home, the first place they looked was Easton Park. They came to check out the models when Knob Hill was being built and actually ended up signing for a house that first weekend!

Kids play at the Grand Opening of the Trolley in Knob Hill.

Since moving to Knob Hill in 2018, the Tydlackas have seen Easton grow and have even encouraged friends to become neighbors. We were excited to sit down with Kristine recently to find out why she thinks Easton Park is the perfect place to call home.

EP: Thanks for doing this! Where did y’all live before Easton Park?

KT: We had been in Austin for about 10 or 12 years—I’m originally from Houston, and I moved here to go to UT, and my husband Austin went to Texas State. Before we moved to Easton we were in South Central Austin.

EP: That’s good—so Easton wasn’t too far away. Do you guys work nearby?

KT: I work in publishing on the business side of things, and my commute is just up Hwy 71 about 20 minutes. And Austin works at Texas Disposal Systems in Buda, so his commute is just about 5 minutes.

EP: Any pets?

KT: We’ve got two dogs—Oreo and Olive. Oreo is a long-haired dapple dachshund, and Olive is a Golden Retriever/Lab mix.

EP: Aww! What made you fall in love with your home?

KT: We actually had a really easy time picking our floor plan because the houses on either side of our lot were already picked (you can’t pick the same floor plan as the house next door). We knew we wanted a 3 bedroom/2 bath and what our price range was, so then the rest just kind of fell into place.

EP: What is your favorite part of being part of the Easton community?

KT: It feels out of the hustle and bustle of the city, but we’re still in Austin and just a few minutes away from everything. We also love how environmentally conscience the community is with making sure the natural green space is preserved as much as possible or the natural park space is added back in after construction.

Kristine and Ryan sip cocktails and play with balloon animals at our Easton Made event.
EP: Who is the other resident in the picture from Easton Made? Did you guys get him to move to Easton Park?!

KT: That’s Ryan Harrison, he’s our good friend and a new resident in Skyline Park! He’s my husband’s co-worker, and he and his husband saw our progress at Easton and had moved north but decided to come back south. It’s great because now they’re just across the street in Skyline, so we can go hang out, and he and my husband are gym buddies!

EP: That’s so cool! Have you guys been so excited about The Union?

KT: Yes! Having The Union has made a huge difference. When the pool opened, we started using it, and we like the game room with the pool table. Then when the gym opened, we started using that in the fall and this year.

Black Joe Lewis rocks out on our 2019 Parkapalooza stage.
EP: Do you guys go to events like Parkapalooza and Easton Made?

KT: Yes, if we are in town we do. It’s right across the street, so why not just walk over and enjoy the event.

EP: Anything else we should know? What would you tell someone considering moving to Easton Park?

KT: It’s a nice modern community. A lot of the housing in Austin is older, so if you want to be closer to town you typically end up having to buy an older house and having to upgrade it and change things. We’re a little farther out of town with Easton, out of the craziness and traffic, but that means you’re in your own community with people around you. And you get to have a new house where you pick and choose all the things you want. And there’s so much more that’s coming out here…

EP: Can you describe in five words or less what Easton means to you?

KT: Modern community rooted in nature.

Thanks to Kristine for sharing her story with us!

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