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Your Favorite Gyms

It’s resolution time again, so we asked you, our Easton Park residents, to recommend your favorite gyms. Boy – did you guys really deliver! Here are a few of the options our fitness-savvy residents suggested… See more (and contribute your own ideas and feedback) on Instagram.

Athletic Outcomes

Recommended by: gonzo7570

Ideal if you are: Goal-oriented and looking for results; a seasoned athlete; bored with your current workout

With personalized coaching and small group classes incorporating strength training, boot camps, and cardio fitness, Athletic Outcomes is a boutique gym with an enthusiastic (and welcoming) community. Owners/instructors Britt and Pat Cook take a wholistic approach to functional fitness and conditioning, helping clients build progress with strategically planned workouts and optional extras such as nutrition counseling, massage, and recovery tools like ice baths and compression boots.

Fit and Fearless

Recommended by: andres_dura

Ideal if you are: Under attack; looking for a fun workout; planning to join the military

Fit and Fearless specializes in classes in kickboxing and Krav Maga—the official defensive tactics/self defense system for the Israeli Defense Forces and hundreds of Elite US military and Law enforcement agencies. Don’t be intimidated, though—the environment is designed to be supportive, and beginners are always welcome. The typical class includes a warm up, combative training focused on form and techniques, and finally self-defense training and sparring practice with partners. There are also more typical HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes and women-only classes designed to offer a wide range of cardio and conditioning.

Gold’s Gym

Recommended by: teensy_traveler

Ideal if you are: A parent needing childcare; someone who likes lots of class options; a road warrior

With 16 locations in Austin and gyms all over the country, Golds is a great big gym choice, especially for people who want lots of class and equipment options, in-gym childcare, or those who frequently travel for work and want to keep up their fitness on the go. Every location is a little different, but most have a full schedule of group exercise classes, including yoga, cycling, mixed martial arts, and boot camps, not to mention personal training and even a personal training app that combines audio coaching from Gold’s experts with music and workout rewards.

teensy_traveler says: “I go to the one on Ben White. I’ve gone to this one for the last 5 years so it’s hard to change my location bc I’m so used to it. But I have to say that the pavilion area at the union is my new favorite outdoor workout. Stairs, benches for step ups, triceps dips, decline push-up 👌🙌🏼just sayin’ 😉”

Life Time Fitness

Recommended by: jmsfuentes

Ideal if you are: Fancy; a parent; easily bored; in search of a nice locker room

While none of the Austin locations are particularly close to Easton Park, Life Time is worth the drive. Designed as a luxury athletic resort, Life Time prides itself on meeting you where you are and helping you meet your fitness goals. From studio classes like yoga, cycling, and pilates to weight loss programs and nutritional coaching, Life Time wants to make it easy for you to make good choices. Amenities vary by location, but many offer pools, kid activities, spa services and even team sports like basketball and soccer.


Recommended by: _brittanyclay

Ideal if you are: Wanting a challenging, fun workout; busy and stressed; a Rocky fan

With locations all over the world, 9Round was developed by a world-champion kickboxer looking for an efficient way to burn calories and build strength. Each 30-minute workout has you move through nine three-minute stations incorporating strength training, kickboxing, and abs/core work. There are no class times (you start whenever you show up), workouts change daily, and trainers are there to help with form. Plus, punching stuff is really fun.

_brittanyclay says: “They have 30 minute workout and you can show up anytime. Amazing.”

Recommended by: kganderson89

Ideal if you are: Competitive; looking for data to track your progress; a fan of the color orange

Strap on your heartrate monitor and get ready for a challenge. At Orangetheory (or Otf, as fans like kganderson89 call it), each hour-long workout combines science, coaching, and technology and includes a cardio portion and a strength training portion followed by stretching. Your heartrate monitor lets you see your results in real time on screens around the room, so you know when you push harder or scale back—it’s also great if you are motivated by competing with yourself or your neighbors.

Recommended by: irena_tx

Ideal if you are: Part of a family; a swimmer; on a budget

With a walk-in resort-style pool with sprayers and slides to rival a water park, the Eastside Communities YMCA might be one of Austin’s best kept secrets. There’s also an Olympic pool, group workout and cooking classes, and even a farm stand on Thursdays. In addition to onsite childcare, the Y offers classes for older kids, so parents can work out while their kids learn gymnastics, swimming, boxing, soccer and more.

irena_tx says:The YMCA is great if you have kids!💓 But once our amenity center is open I’m hoping that will become my favorite spot 😉”

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