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All About That Vase

Have you ever noticed the cool circular red bench in Easton Park’s Knob Hill neighborhood? Called Vase Bench, this unique functional sculpture was the work of Petrified Design, the same team that created the Easton Arch in Bryant Park

We recently sat down with designer Gable Bostic to get the details of how he and his team came up with the piece. “We talked about a lot of options, and we wanted it to have a flowing form to it,” Gable said. “It was a fun one to work through.” 

Change your views

Because the bench was located toward the entrance to the neighborhood, they wanted to create a distinctive spot with plentiful seating. “We wanted people to be able to move around the piece and see a 360-degree view of the whole area,” Gable said. “It doesn’t matter where you sit, it’s the same bench, but you can see all the way around you.”

Pipe dreams

The organic shape of the bench comes from its creative fabrication – it’s crafted from more than 100 pieces of steel pipe that were hand bent to create a curved seat that morphs into an expanding vase shape. “Having the pipes separate as they go higher was a major point of design so it wouldn’t feel heavy,” Gable said. “We wanted the individual pieces of pipe to separate into infinity.”

Bending steel

Once the piece was designed, each of the pipes was hand bent using a metal roller and then welded to an internal frame made from 16 pieces of cut steel plate. The pipes stay tightly together throughout the seating portions. “We created the bench in four sections,” Gable said. “If you look closely, you can see the seams where they come together.” 
You can come see Vase Bench in person at the corner of Lombard Lane and Beacon Knob Way. If you want to live within walking distance, get to know our builders and check out our available homes!

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