Fun in Knob Hill

Jul 07/08/21

When Easton Park planners were laying out the neighborhood, one of the defining features they included were neighborhood parks in each of the sections. When they got to Knob Hill, they had an amazing natural feature to work with—one of the tallest points in the neighborhood, with views for miles around. Designed after the famous Nob Hill in San Francisco, the park sports  a bank of swings as well as a trolley play structure.

The trolley itself boasts a proud Austin history: it’s actually one of the repurposed Dillo trolleys that used to carry people around downtown Austin. It was moved to the park in 2018, and to get it park ready, Easton Park collaborated with nonprofit arts organization Creative Action, local artist Larissa Stephens, and a group of local students to create the cheerful mural design. Recently, the paint has been updated and today the trolly features a slide, seating, a steering wheel, and of course, its famous bell.

Easton Park resident Brittany Clay and her daughter, Norah, spend a lot of time at Knob Hill Park. “She loves to play at the trolley. If we’re not at that trolley, we’re up the hill at the bench. Our daughter will run up and down the hill by the mailboxes, looking for snails or puddles. We look for puddles and bugs every day.”

The park stays busy throughout the day, with neighbors walking their dogs in the morning, and children riding bikes and trikes through the mid-morning before a quiet lull at lunchtime. Depending on afternoon temperatures, things get busy after naptime and through the early evening as neighbors get home from work and school.

The park was the scene for much activity during Austin’s January 10, 2021, snowstorm. The steep hillside at Knob Hill Park became the perfect place for sledding and snow forts.

Be sure to stop by and check out Knob Hill Park next time you’re in the neighborhood! You’re sure to meet some neighbors and enjoy a true Easton Park (and Austin) experience.