Easton Park . Apr 12, 2021

Hey There, Neighbors!

One of the best things about Easton Park is how the community welcomes new neighbors — and how happy everyone is to get to know each other. Socializing has been a little harder this past year, but Porch Portraits have been a great way to let our residents introduce themselves and show off their beautiful homes. As usual, special thanks to Tyler of The Mill Photography Studio for bringing his telephoto lens and making everyone look so good.

Ben, Kim & Fox Moore

“We were looking to settle down in ATX and start a family. We loved that we could be close to all of the breweries nearby, easy access to work downtown, and close to family in the surrounding cities.”

Erin & Mike Rondinella (with Lou)

“We moved to Easton Park because we were looking for community and a great place to raise our son that is close to downtown.”

Ben & Erin Stansfield (with Oliver)

“The community and neighbors are the highlight of living here! The Union and miles of trails are also a huge perk. We lived close to downtown for years, and it’s nice to find a neighborhood outside of it that still embodies why we moved here in the first place.”

Chan Phan & Roland Rivas (with Flex)

“We love afternoon walks around the neighborhood.”

Christina & Chris Miller

“I’ve read and watched a lot of videos on Easton Park, and it’s commonly mentioned how everyone is so friendly – now we’ve seen it firsthand. As we walk around our hood, people driving by wave, and at first, I thought they were mistaking me for someone else they knew – but it’s happened too many times. I think it’s just friendliness and it’s wonderful.”

Adara Ney & James Harper

“We loved the neighborhood, access to amenities and style of homes. We loved that it had such a community feel!”

Geena Urbina (with BettieLou)

“I was referred to Easton Park by friends who lived here.”

Danisa Lee & Bryan Nguyen (with Mochi, Luka & Brooklyn)

“Move here! It’s a great community. We pitch all our friends to do so, and have one couple coming soon!”

Jason, Shannon & Camden Montoya

“As first time homebuyers, it was the perfect family-friendly community! Only move here if you want to make friends with your neighbors, go on great trails and swim in a resort style pool.”

Robyn Rodriguez (with Grisie & Riley)

“I moved from Los Angeles and loved the community feel, while being close to the airport and Downtown. Best of both worlds!”

Ali Ramzanali, Shaira Peerbhai & Rumi Mohammed (with Cosmo)

“We enjoy walks and the neighbors. It’s a great community.”

Anuradha & Swati Shastry

“We moved to Easton Park for the sense of community that was put forth by the builder.”

 Kristen Stanley & Nick Ward (with Roast Beef)

“We love taking our dog, Roast Beef (RB), on daily walks around the neighborhood and meeting other residents. It’s fun to see how each house is unique and people decorate to their personalities. RB loves to meet other dogs and get lots of pets/scratches in the neighborhood on our walks as well!”

Mike & Kelsey Wessling (with Miles)

“We’ve shared our love for Easton Park with our friends. From the location to the homes to the community, there are so many things to love.”

Sophia, Matt & Carter Couch

“The community is so inviting and friendly. We wanted a place like this to raise our son.”

Ann Campbell, George Price & Morgan

“The amenities can’t be beat- it’s like living in a luxury apartment but we all get houses :)”

Ruben & Courtney Cadena (with Abbott Jenkins & Millie)

“We have made friends with so many of our neighbors in such a short time; we really enjoy the time we spend with them.”

Jessica, Ryan & Levi Acebo

“We love to hang at the park with neighbors.”

James & Alexia Lopez (with Gatsby)

“My husband and I are both Austinites at heart, so we knew we wanted to live in Austin, just not so much in the center of it all, and we fell in love with Union Park East! The amenities, trails and detached-condo floor plans sold us and offered the perfect home in our budget with so many added perks, a dog-friendly neighborhood and friendly community that feels like a miniature city of its own.”

Jazzmin Godina, Evan Rivera & Julianna

“I grew up right across the street, so I saw Easton Park grow from the ground up. I knew it was where I wanted to start our family.”

David Rapoport & Cassidy Hurwitz (with Bubbala)

“It’s hard to find a better value and location!”

Tara & Steven Yaffe (with Merle)

“We moved to Easton Park for the location and community. We love playing music and bike riding on the trails.”

Toni & Frances Powell (with Diego)

“We love walking the trails!”

Joshua & Alyssa Rolfe (with Winston)

“The value of home you get for the price is hard to find in other places in Austin and every single person we have met here is so kind and welcoming!”

Patrick & Katherine Foley

“We toured lots of communities in Austin and loved the design and amenities here. It’s so beautiful here and everyone is so friendly.”

Thuy An Nguyen, Phillip Podret, Peyton & Nolan

“We love evening strolls and taking the kids to playground.”

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