Easton Park . Oct 12, 2021

Hitting the Trails at Easton Park!

Here in Austin, we’re crazy about trails. That’s why Easton Park always included plans for an extensive, integrated trail system. When our community is finished, we’ll have 350+ acres of parkland and green space connected by more than 13 miles of continuous trails and surrounded by lots and lots of trees!

As our neighborhood has grown and new sections have opened, our total trail mileage has also grown. In the next few months, we’ll be adding almost 2 miles of trails in Skyline Park and Discovery Park.

Where are the new sections?

The trails are going to be in primary locations, winding between neighborhood sections and natural preserve sections. One new trail section will run along the west side of the Skyline Park, in the green space next to the creek. Another trail will run along the south side of Discovery Park. “These trails are forming the arterial path that will connect all of Easton Park on a pedestrian level,” says Michael Lobo, one of our Development Project Managers here at Brookfield. “Residents will eventually be able to use the paths to get from Kieke Park all the way up Cottonmouth Creek to Colton Bluff, and over to The Union and Union Bark, our temporary dog park. People will be able to hop on these trails and travel throughout Easton.”

Hitting the Trails at Easton Park!

What will these trails look like?

These ADA-compliant paths will be 12-feet wide and all concrete, so it will be easy to take a stroller or bike out for a spin, with plenty of room for joggers and walkers to share the way. While city development holds trails to a minimum standard, we’re adding some practical touches like trash cans, trailheads, and signage to mark the way. And of course, red benches for taking a break and listening to the birds.

Speaking of birds…

When it comes to plants and wildlife on the trails, Michael tells us we are likely to see our fair share of migratory birds. Our landscape designers have installed a healthy balance of native grasses and native and adaptive plants in the more landscaped portions of the trails. “Our goal is to give the residents a controlled natural experience,” says Michael. “There will be a nice balance of man’s creation and nature.”

Let’s talk timeline.

Many of the signs and trailheads are already installed, but we’re not quite ready to announce a firm opening date. (Many things have been in flux this year because of material supply shortages and weather). We’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Hitting the Trails at Easton Park!

[2023 Update: see our trail map and all that our trails offer, head to our trails page!]

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