Easton Park . Jun 7, 2021

Kieke Park is Open for Play

Big news – just in time for summer, Kieke Park (the actual park, not the neighborhood by the same name) is now officially open for outdoor adventures. We were thrilled that so many of you joined us for the official opening ceremony on May 29. It wouldn’t have been a party without some delicious snacks, so we celebrated with ice cream sandwiches from Cold Cookie Company, pizza from Pizza on Point, and craft cocktail kits from Sourced Craft Cocktails.

We were especially honored to have members of the Kieke family in attendance with us; the Kiekes owned much of the original land where Easton Park now sits. Lawrence and Gertrude Kieke married in 1917, and built a small frame house on their original plot of 40.5 acres. With the help of their five children—Lucille, Florene, Lois, Raymond, and Morris—the Kiekes enlarged their land holdings and ran a family cotton farm.

Located on the north side of Ausblick Avenue, Kieke Park features a community pavilion and concrete pathway with seats commemorating members of the Kieke family. It also has a large playground with playcubes, a climbing wall, swings, and a rope structure.

If you haven’t been over to the park yet, come by soon and check it out!

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