Easton Park . Apr 2, 2019

McKinney Falls: Naturally Awesome

One of the most amazing things about Easton Park is our proximity to McKinney Falls State Park, located just about a mile north of the neighborhood. Surrounded by trees and nature, you feel like you’re hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And there are lots of activities to keep adults, kids, and even dogs busy.


The greatest attraction might be the falls that the park is named for. Onion Creek splashes over the wide limestone ledges into many pools, making a dreamy setting for wading and swimming. There aren’t lifeguards on duty, so be cautious and pay attention to currents and creek conditions—the creek often floods after a rainfall.


Bring a rod and reel and go for Largemouth Bass, Catfish, and Sunfish—you don’t even need a license to fish from shore in a Texas state park. Download McKinney Falls State Park Fishing Tip Sheet for more details about what to look for and how to tie knots.


With nearly nine miles of trails, the park is a great place to hike, ride mountain and road bikes, and make your own adventures. If you want a tamer trip, the 2.8-mile Onion Creek Trail has a hard surface that’s perfect for strollers and road bikes. The Rock Shelter Trail leads you to the remains of an early Texas homestead and a very old rock shelter. Scope it all out ahead of time with the Interactive Trails Map.


For those times you want to sleep under the stars, the park offers 81 campsites with water and electric hookups, as well as six remodeled cabins. There’s also a primitive youth camping area that can be reserved by nonprofit-sponsored youth groups, and a group hall with a full kitchen and an outdoor grill and seating area. The best part is, if it starts to rain or you forget your toothbrush, your own bed is less than 2 miles away!


There are lots of opportunities to help out in the park. Volunteers gather on the first Sunday of every month for general trash clean up from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Check in at headquarters when you arrive; bags, gloves, and grabbers are provided. There are other volunteer opportunities, from volunteering with school kids to working at the front desk, on the park’s volunteer page.

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