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Meet Teffani Davis!

Have you come to one of our HOA-sponsored events like First Friday Food Trucks, the Wicked Walk, or Easton Park Town Hall? Have you enjoyed working out in The Union or spending time with your pooch at Easton Bark? If so, you might not realize it, but you’ve been positively impacted by the work of Teffani Davis, our Executive Director of Cohere here at Easton Park. As the head of our Community Life team, Teffani wears many hats. Whether she’s answering resident questions, helping to manage our partner vendors, or working with her team to communicate neighborhood news and plan fun activities, Teffani loves being part of our amazing community. We sat down with the Executive Director of our Community Life team to hear why she loves Easton, what upcoming events she’s most excited about, and how many chihuahuas live at her house!

A warm welcome to the neighborhood

When Teffani first came to Easton Park, she was blown away by the size and diversity of the community. “My boss at the time, Christy, and I had worked together at a previous company, and she brought me over,” Teffani says. “When I first came to Easton Park, I was absolutely amazed. Just seeing all the different types of people who live here and how much opportunity there is in the community. I loved that it was being managed well and the thought process that was put into the common areas.” 

Putting residents first

As Executive Director, Teffani says the only thing that’s typical about her days is that nothing is ever the same. “My main focus is our residents – they’re my number one priority,” Teffani says. “Every day, I make sure we get our email communication out and return phone calls quickly. And there’s definitely a vendor management side of the job – it’s great to work with our Brookfield teams. We take care of the overall operations and maintenance of the neighborhood, plus preventative maintenance in the community.”

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It starts with a S.P.A.R.K.

Teffani has been instrumental in bringing the S.P.A.R.K program to Easton Park. “The S.P.A.R.K. program brings together residents who want to learn all about Easton Park and become community leaders and advocates,” Teffani says. “It’s a year-long journey – the class meets once a month – covering everything from the early stages of how Easton Park was first created to what the neighborhood might be like in 30-plus years. It’s a wonderful leadership tool that gives residents a broad picture of the neighborhood and helps them find ways that they can share their insights and play a vital role in our community.”

Always looking ahead

Helping to plan the future of Easton Park is also an important part of Teffani’s job. She’s excited for the upcoming grand opening of Skyline Park, as well as the new commercial and retail businesses that are coming to the neighborhood. “There are so many exciting growth opportunities in this area,” Teffani says. “Of course, we’re all looking forward to  Skyline Park opening, but we also have our retail center growing at the corner of William Cannon and McKinney Falls Parkway. And we have the new Primrose School coming in on the 183 side, which will be a nice match with our elementary school and give families more care options for younger children.”

It always comes back to doggies

When Teffani isn’t here with us at Easton Park, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Tracy, and their two Chihuahuas, Boomer and Turbo. The family also has a cat, Stormee, that originally belonged to Teffani’s grown daughter, Rylee. “She got the cat when she was in college, but when she moved out, the cat stayed here,” Teffani says. Growing up, Teffani was an All-American softball player and volleyball player, and today she and Tracy enjoy cheering on Rylee as she coaches high school and club volleyball. 

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Thanks, Teffani!

We’re so grateful for all that Teffani does to make Easton Park a great place to live, and the feeling is mutual. “I love the relationships I’ve built with residents and hearing their stories,” Teffani says. “A few weeks ago, I was talking to one of our original residents of Bryant Park, and she was telling me what it was like 7 years ago. It’s so cool to hear about the adventure our residents have been on, and how I can help fit into that journey for the next 10, 15, or 30 years!” Thanks, Teffani – you’re the best!If you want to live in a neighborhood with a fabulous and devoted Community Life Team, browse our builders or come out and see the model homes for yourself!

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