Easton Park . Aug 14, 2023

Light the Tower

If you’ve come into Easton Park lately through our northeast entrance at William Cannon and 183, you might have noticed something new. To help folks spot Easton Park and know where to turn off of the highway, we’ve recently added a new neighborhood sign as well as a 45 foot tower. Crafted of a sturdy web of tubular steel, the tower features familiar hexagons that echo the hexagon pattern you see throughout the community on signs and trailheads. 

Light up my life

One of the coolest things about the tower is that there’s no internal support structure – because it’s hollow, the tower has a kinetic quality as you move past it. During the day, the tower appears silver on the outside and Easton Park red inside, but at night, it can come alive with a full spectrum of colored lights that can be programmed for different holidays and seasons. 

From design to drive by

When we started talking about signage that would help our northeast entrance be more visible, the Easton Park Tower was dreamed up by Brookfield Residential’s fearless land team and designed by our landscape architect partners at TBG. The team at Maverick Hardscapes brought the vision to life; creating the structure with an external skeleton took some troubleshooting. “When we first created the shell, the radius was too tight to accommodate the hex shape,” Thomas Burkhardt from Maverick told us. “We had to put a small angle on each piece so that they would go around the curve.”

Make the weld go ‘round

Construction started with the pouring of an 8-foot concrete base, supported by 25 piers. The tower was built in pieces and brought on site in three 10-foot sections and one 7.5-foot section, each one requiring hundreds of individual welds – 702 feet of welds in total for the entire structure! Once the welds were ground down, the pieces were primed and painted with a specialty paint designed not to fade in UV light. Finally, the four segments were lifted into place by crane and welded together. 

Top of the world

The best part? The top of the tower features the Easton Park bench logo – look for it the next time you’re flying out of Austin Bergstrom International Airport. “We’re incredibly proud of this project,” Thomas said. “The more creative and complicated a project is, the more we enjoy it. We love bringing a vision to life.” 
Come see the Easton Park Tower for yourself, and browse our newest model homes while you’re here.

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