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Thanks for Being Our Star, Jenna

Have you seen our latest commercial yet? Our marketing team was excited to bring our “This is the House that Brookfield Built” concept to life in this fun new spot. The 30-second ad stars Jenna H., who’s really building a home in Easton Park! It also includes guest appearances from the real Brookfield Residential team members who helped Jenna build her new home (which is the Beckfield floorplan in the Modern Farmhouse style, for those of you who have been asking).

We were excited to chat with Jenna to find out what it was like to build with Brookfield Residential, what it was like to star in a commercial, and why her real home (and her real dog) weren’t actually the ones in the ad! Read on for all the details.

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EP: Hi Jenna! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat! Let’s start with the basics—how long have you lived at Easton Park?

Jenna: I actually close on my house later this month. Since I’m not quite moved in yet, we shot in front of a finished home, which was the Howard floor plan.

Being Our Star, Jenna

EP: Ah! That’s actually good though, because it means your Brookfield Customer Journey experience is really fresh in your mind! What was it like to build with Brookfield?

Jenna: I’ve heard horror stories from friends who worked with other builders who had a nightmare process or zero communication. I had the complete opposite. With Brookfield, I had weekly emails and all the communication I could ask for, with no hiccups. I didn’t realize it could be this seamless, buying some dirt and here’s my finished product. It was such a great process. It was all amazing from start to finish.

EP: How did you get chosen for the commercial?

Jenna: So, I posted some pictures of my home back in late January on my Instagram and tagged Easton Park and Brookfield. I had someone reach out asking if they could use my photos for an ad. Next thing you know, I was asked to be in the commercial because Brookfield prefers to use real homeowners versus actors for that personal touch.

Thanks for Being Our Star, Jenna

EP: That’s great! Was it the first time you’ve starred in an ad?

Jenna: Yes, and I was so nervous! I had three other outfits ready! It was so fun and actually it was super easy! I honestly had no idea what to expect, or what I was going to be doing, or if I would be good at it, but everyone was so supportive and positive. It was easier than I was expecting and such a good experience.

EP: And tell us about Jax!

Jenna: So, Jax, the dog in the ad, is not actually my dog! Jax belongs to one of the marketing team members, but we used him because my dog, Putter, wasn’t available for the shoot (and actually hates baths, ha!)

Easton Park Thanks for Being Our Star, Jenna
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EP: Aw Putter! That’s a cute name!

Jenna: He’s a black and white Shih Tzu and he’s the love of my life.

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EP: Aww! Was it fun to see all the real Brookfield employees who have actually worked on your house—Lou, and Stacey, and Andre and all those guys?

Jenna: Yes, but they didn’t have us shoot at the same time, so I didn’t see them all. But everyone was so amazing that day. I’m just excited to hurry up and get into my home and be an actual resident of the community!

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EP: I bet! How did you first find Easton Park?

Jenna: I have a few friends who live in the neighborhood. But also, I work for the UT Club, and at one point we came out to The Union for a trivia night to meet residents and promote membership. I fell in love with the community, and I knew if I was even going to buy a home, I would want to be in this neighborhood.

 EP: What are you most excited about when it comes to living in Easton Park?

Jenna: Once I’m settled, I’m going to buy a golf cart. I’m obsessed with the golf cart community! My friend Aaron was one of the first and now lots of people are cruising around. And just being in my house—it has the world’s largest wrap-around porch!

Want to be Jenna’s neighbor or get inspiration for your dream home? Come out to Easton Park for a visit or check out the homes online

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