Easton Park . Jul 12, 2022

The Perfect Fit

When Jenn Wexler and Lateef Johnson moved to Easton Park’s Skyline neighborhood in 2019, they already owned a boutique fitness studio in South Austin, but the couple never dreamed they would eventually help facilitate health and wellness right here in the neighborhood. Now, their small group yoga and strength classes are a highlight at The Union! We sat down with Jenn and Lateef to get the scoop.

EP: How did you guys first find Easton Park?

J&L: We found it online! We were living in South Austin, and our house was old and needed a lot of work. We just didn’t want to take on that project. When we started looking around, we were drawn to the East Side.

EP: How did you know Easton Park was the right fit?

J&L: There’s so much culture here at Easton Park; we have bi-racial children, and it’s important to us that they grow up in an environment that shows them a lot of different cultures. Where we were wasn’t providing that. That’s what moved us out to Easton Park—with all of the amenities, and the idea of community, school being right there, there was just so much that made sense to us. And being close to the airport is nice. We were looking for a place with lots of green spaces, and we went with a Pacesetter home. It just kind of fell into place.

EP: So, were y’all already doing fitness coaching when you moved to EP?

J&L: Yes, we’ve owned and operated a boutique fitness studio in South Austin for 10 years. It’s called Fit Austin and it’s on South Lamar.

EP: And when did you start teaching classes at Easton Park?

J&L: We became partners with EP and the HOA in January of 2022. We named this business Optimize Daily to keep things separate from our brick-and-mortar location.

EP: What are the classes at Easton Park like?

J&L: Currently, we’re offering functional movement classes and yoga classes. The functional movement classes are a small group class with no more than 6 people. It’s a 50-minute co-ed class, and it’s good for all levels. There’s a warm up, and we cover all the foundational movement patterns, with strength, cardio, and core work before a cooldown at the end. Those classes are currently offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at multiple times.

In addition, we do Yoga Social Saturdays, where we offer yoga and mimosas! It’s been going on for about 6-7 weeks, and it seems to be pretty popular. We’re hoping to add more yoga classes in the fall. We also do nutritional coaching and support, and 1-on-1 personal training and 2-on-1 partner training.

EP: That’s awesome! Are there different classes for folks at different levels of fitness?

J&L:  All of our classes are for everyone – no one is excluded. We have modifications for every movement, and we believe in meeting people where they are and help them optimize and actualize their potential.

EP: Are there plans to add more classes in the future?

J&L: Yes! We have some fitness dance classes in the works, and a 5k! After I (Jenn) went through a whole journey with post-partum depression, I decided to specialize in pre- and post-natal care, so we’re working on workshops and small group classes for pre- and post-natal moms. It’s hard to find that! Resources aren’t plentiful like they should be.

EP: How do people pay for classes?

J&L: The first class or personal training session is always complimentary, to make sure it’s a good fit.

After that, if people want to continue, they can purchase a 10-class pack that lets them schedule with the flexibility they need.

EP: What else should people know before they go?

J&L: We want people to understand we’re not just meathead workout people. Too often, people think of fitness as intimidating, but we are so normal. For us, it’s really about helping each person find their greatest potential. The best way we can impact that is through healthy habits and things that are sustainable, so a person can get results over time and show up in the world as their best selves.

EP: And do y’all teach all the classes yourselves?

J&L: We teach some classes and have other instructors; currently all other instructors are all also Easton Park neighbors! Both of our yoga instructors and both other small group instructors are residents! We haven’t had to look out of community to find support and create a team.

EP: How has it been to focus on fitness in Easton Park?

J&L: We’re so grateful for the opportunity to work in the neighborhood! We’ve been in fitness for a long time, showing up every day to help people improve their wellbeing, but to get to do that in your own neighborhood—it’s just a different feeling you get. It feels really special and really fun. We’re really enjoying it.

EP: Do you have any advice for people moving to Easton Park?

J&L: Get engaged in the community! Don’t just come into your home and isolate yourself. It’s amazing to see how the neighbors take care of each other, like during the ice storm. You can post “Does anyone have a cup of sugar?” and like 20 people will bring a cup to your doorstep!

Want to work out with Jenn and Lateef? Residents can come try their classes at The Union! Still need to find your home in Easton Park? We’ve got options! Find your home now.

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