Easton Park . Mar 14, 2023

Celebrate at Easton Park!

You know Easton Park is a great neighborhood, but did you know it’s a great spot to host your next party or event? When we planned Easton Park, we knew we wanted to create lots of places to bring people together throughout the community. We intentionally made lots of welcoming locations like the Great Lawn, the Bryant Park Pavilion, and rooms at The Union that are ideal gathering spots for groups small and large. And while you might know these spots from Easton events like Eastcation, Parkapalooza, and Easton Made, these amazing venues are also available for residents to rent for their own birthday and graduation parties, holiday get-togethers, and more.

Bryant Park Pavilion

Capacity: 150

Ideal for: Summer barbeque

Located at the center of the Bryant Park, this huge open-air pavilion offers a shady spot with 32 chairs and 5 six-foot tables. Set up a dance floor, bring your own grill, and get the party started! While guests can use the areas surrounding the pavilion such as the turf area, playground, and park space, those additional spaces do remain open to the public during the rental. 

Great Lawn Pavilion

Capacity: 30

Ideal for: Family Easter party

Located at the center of the Union Park’s Great Lawn, the Great Lawn Pavilion is the perfect spot for a smaller Spring soiree. The rental includes 4 picnic tables, 7 benches, and swings. While guests can use the areas surrounding the pavilion such as the pond and park space, those additional spaces do remain open to the public during the rental. 

Outdoor Courtyard

Capacity: 150

Ideal for: Engagement party

Located at the center of The Union, this chic Outdoor Courtyard includes 5 tables, 22 chairs, and our cool fire pit. Mix up some signature cocktails, make a great playlist, and get ready to get down. Please note, this rental does not include use of the pool.

The Costello Room in The Union

Capacity: 205

Ideal for: Team-building meeting

Located in the northwest corner of The Union, the Costello Room is built for good times. This full-service recreation room includes a pool table, shuffleboard, and gaming station as well as 7 tables, 32 chairs, 4 couches, and 3 benches. A microwave and refrigerator are also onsite to keep your snacks warm and your drinks cold.

The Vaughn Room in The Union

Capacity: 205 

Ideal for: Work off-site meeting

If you need a gorgeous, professional space to host a work event, The Vaughn Room is your spot! Located in the northeast corner of The Union, The Vaughn includes 2 Apple TV’s with projection capabilities through HDMI and Apple casting, 128 Chairs, 30 White Rectangle Tables, and 10 White Circle Tables. Reserve the room and call your meeting to order!

Renting these rooms and spaces is just one of the perks of being an Easton Park resident. If you haven’t found your home in Easton Park yet, what are you waiting for? Find your dream home and come live in the best neighborhood in southeast Austin! 

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