Easton Park . Dec 10, 2018

Happy Holidays From Easton Park!

If you’re like many of us here at Easton Park, it’s the time of year when we’re busy trying to do a great job at work while squeezing in special meals with friends, shopping for gifts, baking holiday treats and traveling to see family. To say times are hectic is an understatement. But, it’s a fitting conclusion for a year that has seen so much growth and progress in both our Austin and Easton communities.

When we look back at all that we’ve accomplished this year, we’re overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement. This year, Easton Park has seen:

  • The opening of the Easton Park Trolley playscape and mural.
  • The opening of Skyline Park and Union Park
  • The opening of Newton Collins Elementary! We’ve got our own school!
  • The Experience Park and Model Row moving to Union Park
  • The groundbreaking for The Union, Easton’s new resort-style amenity center

And it’s not just the physical progress and buildings—it’s friendships and community that we’ve all built together. In April, Easton Park and Austin-at-large united for a fabulous Parkapalooza. People have found life-long bffs in their new neighbors. Children have learned history and math from teachers they’ll remember forever. Those relationships are the most important things that we’re building here at Easton Park.

And it’s all because of you guys. Really. At its heart, Easton Park is the people. Thank you for everything that you’ve done to make this community the vibrant, fun, beautiful piece of Austin that it is. We’re so happy to know you, and we feel so lucky to be on this journey together. And Merry Holidays and Happy New Year—we can’t wait for all the adventures in 2019!

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