Easton Park . Aug 22, 2018

Newton Collins Elementary is in Session!

Saturday, August 18 marked the official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for Newton Collins Elementary School in Easton Park! The school is in the heart of the community and a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. Check out some fun facts and figures, plus the rich history of its namesake below.


The school is named for Newton Isaac Collins Sr., a two-time slave who became a successful businessman, land owner and community patron in Pilot Knob. In the 1890s, Collins donated the land for the first school in the area, helped build and furnish it with his own resources and later hired the school’s first teacher.

Facts and Figures

  • Newton Collins Elementary is Del Valle ISD’s ninth elementary campus.
  • The school is approximately 99,000 square feet.
  • The building fits 800 to 1,000 students.
  • Classrooms are arranged in “neighborhoods” by grade level: fourth and fifth grade neighborhood, second and third grade neighborhood and the pre-k through first grade neighborhood.
  • Designed by O’Connell Robertson Architects, Newton Collins Elementary was inspired by nature with each neighborhood identified with a unique nature-theme and color.
  • The “Stream of Learning” neighborhood features blue accents and rippling textures to represent water. The “Knowledge of Rocks” uses orange to signify stones and the “Woods of Wisdom” exemplifies its wood-theme.
  • The school boasts a flexible and adaptable 21st century learning environment.
  • A common area supports student engagement and activity.
  • The building design provides flexibility for future academic needs.
  • The design supports after-hour and shared community use.

Good luck to all the kiddos stating school on the 27th! We’re excited for a great year ahead.

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