Easton Park . Aug 6, 2020

See why 91% Have Recommended Easton Park!

Here at Easton Park, we’re committed to being Austin’s best master-planned community, so it only seems right to check in with our residents to see how we’re doing. We recently conducted a resident survey (thanks to all of y’all who gave answers!), and we’re pretty pleased with the results. Here are a few of the interesting tidbits we found.

Let’s start with the most telling survey result of all:

91% of residents have recommended Easton Park to a friend!

There’s no higher compliment than when our residents encourage their friends and loved ones to join them here at Easton Park!

Why Easton?
About half of our residents heard about Easton Park from a friend or a realtor.

Yay! We’re so glad you love Easton so much that you’re telling friends about our community! Because don’t we all just want to live down the street from our friends?

“[Our realtor] said, “Hey, you should check out Easton Park, it’s like the Mueller of South Austin; it’s really cool.” Brittany Clay, Easton Park resident

You were initially attracted to Easton because of the potential for growth in property value, the master plan of the community, and the home designs.

The 23.8-acre property at the southeast corner of McKinney Falls Parkway and William Cannon was purchased by a commercial developer who is actively marketing the site. In addition, the extension of William Cannon to Highway 183 is expected to open in the next few months.

“The homes are pretty, and the neighborhood is designed well. Once everything is built out and we have more commercial stuff closer, it’s going to increase in value.” Matthew Dykes, Easton Park resident

The top reasons people chose Easton Park were community vibe, the amenities, and price/location.

We agree–these are ALL great reasons to move to Easton.

“The biggest draw for us was the plan for the community and the number of amenities. There was so much being developed, and we saw potential knowing that everything was going to get developed based on a 10-year plan.” Mario Portillo, Easton Park resident

The amenity you’re most excited about are the trails.

We’re excited, too! Construction of just over a mile of trails between McKinney Falls Parkway and The Union is expected to be complete by the end of August 2020, and planning for the trails through the natural areas connecting Skyline Park and Kieke Park is well underway. By the time Easton Park is complete we’ll have 13.1-miles of trails.

“We also love how environmentally conscience the community is with making sure the natural green space is preserved as much as possible or the natural park space is added back in after construction.” Kristine Tydlacka, Easton Park resident

94% of residents attended a community event in the past year.

The events you like most are food trucks, live music, happy hours, adults-only game nights, doggie socials and movie nights. Whoo-hoo! Glad to know that First Food Truck Friday, Music in the Park, and Parkapalooza are all still popular. We can’t wait to get back to doing in-person events as soon as possible…

Who lives at Easton?
About ¾ of our residents are 25-35.

Eastonites span all the ages but tend to be starting out in their grownup lives. This fits with the other info we got—that for many of you, this is the first home you’ve owned. Congratulations, guys!

About ¾ of you don’t have kids.

Because so many Eastonites are just starting out in their lives, it makes sense that more of you don’t have kids than do. Although, there might be something in the water here—we don’t have official data, but we’ve noticed a lot of expectant mamas taking walks lately!

About ¾ of you have pets. Of those, 66% have dogs and 11% have cats.

We knew y’all were dog crazy and this survey officially confirms it! Did you see the article we did on Easton’s favorite Austin vets?

When it’s not a pandemic, 44% work-from-home and go in to work, 33% go in to work full time and 22% work-from-home full time.

We surprised by how many of you work-from-home, and we bet the number is even higher now! When The Union is able to open again, it’s a great place to bring your laptop and enjoy unlimited free lattes from the fancy coffee machine.

We’re so proud of the great community (and sense of community) that’s growing here at Easton Park. Many thanks to everyone who responded to the survey and to all of you who go out of your way to be great neighbors every day. And if you’re not already a resident, what are you waiting for?! Come on over and see what makes our community such a great part of the Austin lifestyle.

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