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Easton Park Halloween Costumes

Last year, we came up with some pretty awesome last-minute Easton costume ideas for Halloween, and this year, we figured we should try to top them. Some of these might require a little more planning (we’ve included shopping links to make things easier), but we think they make up for that in impressiveness. Whether you’re planning for Trunk-or-Treat or trying to win the HOA Halloween Yard Decoration contest, these costume ideas that are sure to get you the good candy. #AllReesesNoLicorice

Newton Collins Kangaroo

You’ll need:

Don your Kangaroo costume and throw a purple shirt on top and get ready to get high-fives from neighborhood K-5th graders. Use your backpack for collecting candy. FYI, in researching this post, we learned that the Kangaroo mascot doesn’t have an official name—maybe you could get one started?!

Breakfast Taco

You’ll need:

Cut a big oval from the foam mattress topper—boom, you’ve got a giant tortilla. Think of it like a tortilla vest—cut two arm holes about 20 inches apart approximately 1.5 feet down from one of the taller edges of your oval (measure for your own arm placement before cutting). Make your taco’s tin foil by crumpling up your mylar blanket and affixing it to the outside bottom of your tortilla using the giant safety pins. Put on your yellow t-shirt (hello, eggs!) and your tortilla vest, then pin the tortilla closed with another giant safety pin. Cut bacon, salsa, guac, etc. from felt if desired.

Congress Avenue Bat

You’ll need:

  • Bat costume
  • Austin bumper stickers

For the bat part of the costume, you could choose to make your own or buy pre-made wings and a headband, depending on your level of craftiness. Slap some local stickers on the back, from BookPeople, Waterloo Records, etc. and voila—you’re as Austin as they come. Spend the evening complaining about traffic in downtown.

Jeramiah the Innocent Frog

You’ll need:

Music lovers were sad to hear about the passing of Austin legend Daniel Johnston earlier this fall, and what better way to honor him than by dressing as the frog from his iconic mural. Use white paper to make frog eyeballs to stick on the boppers of your headband. Cut holes in the top of the hoodie and stick the eyes through so the band part of the headband doesn’t show. Pull the hoodie drawstring closed so only your mouth is visible. Instead of saying trick or treat, spend the evening repeating, “Hi, how are you?”

I Love You So Much Mural

You’ll need:

  • Light green t-shirt
  • Red fabric paint pen
  • Green face paint

Speaking of local murals, this costume might be the easiest of all. Use the red paint pen to write I Love You So Much on the t-shirt. Paint your face green and get ready to have people take their picture with you all night long.


You’ll need:

  • Band shirt or fringed festival gear
  • Giant flag on a pole
  • Beer in a koozie
  • Sunglasses
  • Bronzer/blush

Use the bronzer or blush to give yourself a fake sunburn, put on your festival wear and don your sunglasses. For added authenticity, carry a real ACL paper schedule and spend the evening asking everyone if Guns N’ Roses has gone on.

Love these Austin-tacious ideas? If you fashion up one of these costumes, be sure to tag us in on Instagram or Facebook! We’d love to re-post and reward you with some Easton Park swag.

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