Meet Larissa Stephens: Artist of Easton Park’s Trolley Mural

What drew you to Austin and when did you get involved with the local art scene? I came to Austin in 2014 as a transfer student to the University of […]
Easton Park · Apr 04th, 2018

Best Picnic Spots in Austin

Spring days in Austin can’t be beat. Blue skies, temperatures in the 70s, light breezes, birds singing Willie Nelson tunes. Ok, maybe the birds are a bit much, but seriously, […]
Easton Park · Mar 30th, 2018

Best Bar Patios in South and East Austin

Let’s Talk Austin Drinks. One of our favorite parts about Austin is the weather. Austinites are uniquely able to enjoy warm, sunny days for the majority of the year! What […]
Easton Park · Mar 20th, 2018

Views From the Bench: Meet Irene Virag

Easton Park Neighbor Spotlight: Views from the Bench is a new feature designed to introduce Eastonites to fellow neighbors and interesting folks in our community. This month, we’re kicking things […]
Easton Park · Mar 13th, 2018

SXSW for Locals

The madness and mayhem officially known as South By SouthWest is almost here. Do you have to have a coveted badge, wear skinny jeans and fly in from California to […]
Easton Park · Mar 08th, 2018

Poll: What’s your Favorite Margarita in Austin?

Maybe you’re a frozen with salt kind of a gal, or perhaps you prefer on the rocks, with a floater. Asking someone to choose the best margarita in Austin is […]
Easton Park · Feb 12th, 2018

Six Festivals to Check Out This Spring

You are lucky you live in Austin, Texas. Not only is it a city full of amazing barbecue, breakfast tacos, live music and sunny days, it is also a city […]
Easton Park · Feb 05th, 2018

Romance on the Easton Side

Here at Easton Park, we like to play cupid, especially around the month of February. Whether you’re dating someone new or celebrating your silver anniversary, keep the romance alive with […]
Easton Park · Jan 29th, 2018

Best Coffee Shops in East Austin

Where to find your next Instagrammable cup of Joe? Austin is a city brimming full of students, entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads each looking for a coffee shop with a […]
Easton Park · Jan 27th, 2018