Skyline Park is Open!

On Saturday, May 4th we celebrated the grand opening of Skyline Park with The Big Launch. Over 4,000 people from all over came to the festivities! The first people to […]
Easton Park · May 09th, 2024

Making the holidays bright at Easton Made!

The most festive models Our amazing builders went all out to welcome everyone, with each model home offering different activities, surprises, and delights. As guests party hopped from home to […]
Easton Park · Dec 08th, 2023

Celebrate at Easton Park!

You know Easton Park is a great neighborhood, but did you know it’s a great spot to host your next party or event? When we planned Easton Park, we knew […]
Easton Park · Mar 14th, 2023

U-B-U at Easton Park!

On Saturday, July 2th, the Easton Park Community Life Team partnered with Easton Park Pride to co-create our first Pride event: U-B-U! Held at The Union from 2 – 6 […]
Easton Park · Sep 06th, 2022

A Song in Our Hearts

One of the things that makes Easton Park unique is our annual Music in the Park concert series. Music in the Park started in the early days of the neighborhood […]
Easton Park · Jun 09th, 2022

High-Five for Parkapalooza #5

With so many annual events canceling all around us, we were thrilled to be able to come together virtually and keep the Parkapalooza tradition alive. Thank you so much to […]
Easton Park · Aug 10th, 2020

Turkey Day Treats

You’re probably not going to be shocked, but when we asked our Easton Park team to share their favorite, super delicious Thanksgiving recipes, everyone came back with desserts! From pumpkin […]
Easton Park · Nov 11th, 2019

We kept it crafty at Easton Made

Whether you were looking for wooden toys or beautiful jewelry, holiday shopping for family or yourself(!), we are so grateful to all you who came out to enjoy the second […]
Easton Park · Nov 07th, 2019

Easton Park Halloween Costumes

Last year, we came up with some pretty awesome last-minute Easton costume ideas for Halloween, and this year, we figured we should try to top them. Some of these might […]
Easton Park · Sep 25th, 2019