Cooking Up Good Eats at Easton Park

After profiling Easton Park’s awesome makers, we knew we had to talk to more of the creative professionals who make their homes here!  We put out a call on social […]
Easton Park · Nov 10th, 2020

Meet Newton Isaac Collins

You might know the name Newton Collins as the namesake of Easton Park’s elementary school, but it’s worth diving into the extraordinary story of the man behind the name. Born […]
Easton Park · Oct 14th, 2020

Meet the Maldonados

When it comes to Easton Park events, the Maldonado family might win an award for best attendance. While they have been coming to Parkapalooza since the beginning, the family just […]
Easton Park · Oct 06th, 2020

Makers Make the Best Neighbors!

Meet The Makers Easton Park is known for stylish homes and active resident community, so it makes sense that it would attract some of Austin’s many creative entrepreneurs. We sat […]
Easton Park · Sep 29th, 2020

Hit the Trails!

One of our favorite amenities here at Easton Park is our awesome trail system. Whether you’re running, biking, or walking, our trails are a great way to get a workout […]
Easton Park · Sep 11th, 2020

Meet Raquel and TJ!

When we saw Raquel Chandler’s cute Porch Portraits with her sweet dog Bear, we knew we wanted to get to know her better. The Louisiana native and her husband, TJ, […]
Easton Park · Sep 03rd, 2020

Resident Porch Portraits: Round 2!

After our first round of Porch Portraits, we got a lot of requests from residents who had missed out on the first sessions. Luckily, Tyler of The Mill Photography Studio […]
Easton Park · Aug 28th, 2020

High-Five for Parkapalooza #5

With so many annual events canceling all around us, we were thrilled to be able to come together virtually and keep the Parkapalooza tradition alive. Thank you so much to […]
Easton Park · Aug 10th, 2020

See why 91% Have Recommended Easton Park!

Here at Easton Park, we’re committed to being Austin’s best master-planned community, so it only seems right to check in with our residents to see how we’re doing. We recently […]
Easton Park · Aug 06th, 2020