Your Music in the Park Picks

You’ve probably heard about our new Music in the Park series. Over the next few months, we’re bringing the best of local artists to the Union for Friday evening shows […]
Easton Park · Aug 27th, 2019

The Scoop on Austin’s Murals

Austin is known for its great murals, but have you ever wondered where they ARE, or who painted them in the first place? We’ve got the scoop on a few […]
Easton Park · Aug 19th, 2019

Post-Parkapalooza Wrap Up

Our fourth annual Parkapalooza hit Easton Park this past Saturday, and in terms of music, activities, and turnout, it was the biggest—and certainly the most fun. Yes, it was hot […]
Easton Park · Aug 12th, 2019

Easton Sweets

We’re not going to lie—we’ve got a sweet tooth here in the Easton Park office. So we recently put out the call to ask our wise Eastonites to share their […]
Easton Park · Jul 11th, 2019

Austin Beers of Summer 2019

Austin is known for its breweries, and many of them have seasonal offerings designed to make surviving the summer heat just a little easier. It was a hard job to […]
Easton Park · Jun 26th, 2019

July 4th in ATX

When you think about celebrating Independence Day in ATX, what comes to mind? Neighborhood parades? Fireworks? Hot dogs? Willie Nelson? Being sweaty? How about ALL of those things! Here’s a […]
Easton Park · Jun 11th, 2019

Singing in the Rain

When major storms threatened to stop Parkapalooza 2019, did that slow down Easton Park!? NO! Well, maybe a little. While we weren’t able to put up our two big outdoor […]
Easton Park · May 23rd, 2019

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

Last month, we sent out a resident poll asking Eastonites to identify their favorite taco and coffee joints in Austin. 41 of you replied, and the results are in. The […]
Easton Park · May 20th, 2019

ATX Pre-Summer Adventures

Before it gets so hot that our faces melt off, let’s get out and enjoy this beautiful town we call home. Late May/early June has some great shows and adventures […]
Easton Park · May 08th, 2019